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Jeff Anderson's Video's

Gary Countryman's Video's

Ben Stern's Video's

TWEAKitRCs Videos

Troy's Sig clipped wing 1/4 scale Super Cub with DLE 30 engine.

Jeffs Yak:

It aint comin back.

Had a problem it seems,

With the rudder out back.

Seems the hinges were lacking,

As no one could see.

As the hinge line was gap-sealed,

From both sides,(owe-ee!)

Needless to say It's a pile. Too bad.
Ben and I found ourselves really quite sad.
Best regards
Rick Carlson

Ready for covering

My fellow club members,

Tuesday we voted the direction of our Politicians and Wednesday Trane called me back to work... WOW THOSE NEW POLITICIANS WORK FAST AT GETTING AMERICANS BACK TO WORK. This brings me to why I am writing this email, I will be working 2nd shift from 4:00 PM till 2:15 AM Mon - Thurs. so need your decision on when you want the club meetings to be or do you want someone else to be Pres. Sec.. It can't be Mon - Thurs after 3:00 PM.

Troy Pres-Sec

Club members,

I choose the 2nd Saturdays of the month to have our meetings at ABC Hobbies at 11:00 AM. I talked to Bill and it is OK. If anyone has a conflict with that time, let me know. As of now the next meeting will be at ABC Hobbies on Sat Nov. 13 at 11:00 AM.

Pres-Sec, Troy