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Event Calender :
Next meeting will be at ABC Hobbies on Sat Jan. 8 at 11:00 AM. And if anyone wants a Christmas party, book it at West View in West Salem.
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Jeff Anderso's Videos

Gary Countrymans Videos

Ben Sterns Videos

TWEAKitRCs Videos

Troy's Pilot Rc 88" Extra 300 with DA 50.

Jeffs Yak:

It aint comin back.

Had a problem it seems,

With the rudder out back.

Seems the hinges were lacking,

As no one could see.

As the hinge line was gap-sealed,

From both sides,(owe-ee!)

Needless to say It's a pile. Too bad.
Ben and I found ourselves really quite sad.
Best regards
Rick Carlson

Ready for covering

Club members,



Boys and there toys....The FFFFFF GROUP will meet for breakfast at Features in West Salem on Hwy 16, at 0800 for breakfast and some chat, then off to Well Street in Onalaska for some indoor flying in the gym at the LDS Church Building on the west end of Well Street. Hope you can make it. See ya There. If the weather is nice, do like Jeff does, and get there early and fly in the parking lot until someone gets there to let him in.


Some of our more fun moments........

Build Blog for The BYOB click here

Aerial view of our field

How to find
River City Radio Control Modelers
Leroy Weibel Memorial Airfield.

To reach the airfield, from the east or west, exit Interstate 90 at West Salem, and follow Hy 16 West to Gill's Coulee Rd., ax. 1 mile west of CTH "M". Turn right, and airfield is ax. 1 mi. north of Hy 16 on Gill's Coulee Rd.
Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock was also an old time modeler and member of RCRCM. He finished this Gypsy Moth not long before his untimely death in 2005. He did get a chance to fly it.


Howard Putman

Howard Putman was an old time modeler and member of RCRCM.